Sea and Serenity

The Sea at Dawn

        Most people always associate the sea with serenity. There is something about the sea that makes people feel calm or sometimes as far as reach their inner peace. For me, the sea always reminds me of the special moments which I had with myself and people who I love. Before I actually go to the sea, I normally imagine I will do this and that but when I’m really there, just seeing the sea can put the smile on my face.  Sea can make me feel relaxed and peaceful. One thing that I really like about the sea is that it can raise the awareness in my life. The fact that is always true but sometimes I forget that it is how the life must be. The breeze of the sea lets me think that everything in life only comes and goes. Nothing stays the same forever. The cool breezes make you feel fresh and chilly at the first time but after it hits you many times, you will get used to it. Likewise, everything that happened to you life. At one point, it might shake you to your core but after a while you will realise nothing can last forever. People or the things that affect you today might not have the same impact to you in 5 years time. New people come into your life. Someone stays but someone just come into your life and they move on. The same with wave. Wave can hit the rock hard but it will definitely go away. Nothing can last forever. People or emotion change everyday.
I can say that I’m the kind of person that is crazy about the sea. I have been to many places in the world but sea can take my breath away. I think the reason why I fell in love with the sea is because the memories and the happy moments that come with it. I went to several beaches in Thailand but the beach that I like the most is in Krabi. Me and my family stayed at Centara Krabi. This hotel is situated in the middle of the valley. It is like a secret place in the world. You can reach their only by boat or walking thorough the forest full of money if the weather condition is not good for sailing the boat.  Emerald is the colour of the sea. The colour of the sea is so nice that the first thing I want to do is to jump into the sea. The hotel is  completely harmonious with the nature. It does not look strange at all. When I sat down by the pool which is close to the sea, I saw hotel staff organising the wedding for someone. I thought it would be super romantic to marry someone near the sea because you have the sea who becomes one of your witness of your love. When the sun is down, the colour of the sky changes to pinky colour. I saw people walking by the beach holding hands. Someone walks and play with her or his friends. It  was such a relaxing moment to watch someone appreciate the serenity of the sea as much as I did. Sometimes serenity can raise voice in your head more than the surrounded sound played in the club does. Voices that make you think about your life. What or who is important in your life? Who should you care and devout your love to? Maybe you can realise something that is so real which you might never think of  when you are dancing or drinking in the club where the surrounded sound from the stereo is beating.

View from Pool bar


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